6 Pancake Recipes Worth Waking Up Early For


“They should call pancake mix: ‘flour + baking powder, by the way you’re still making pancakes from scratch so don’t think you got out of that one… sucker'” – Hannah Hart There’s nothing quite as wonderful as a warm, fluffy stack of pancakes waiting on the table when you wake up. It’s a beloved breakfast tradition! So to celebrate this tasty treat, we’ve put together a list of five of our favorite perfectly delicious pancake recipes: 1.Pancake Cupcakes

The Worst Gifts You’ve Ever Received


They say it’s really the thought that counts, and that you shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth… but what if that horse has really bad teeth? We’ve all been there – smiling through gritted teeth as we profess great thanks for a truly terrible present. Madonna famously had a meltdown when she was given hydrangeas (everyone knows she prefers roses!). The Trojans got a giant wooden horse that led to the destruction of their city. That was definitely a bummer.

Puppy-Proof Your House: Pet Safety Tips For The Holiday Season


A lot of people find the holidays stressful… but have you ever considered that your pet might feel the same way? Imagine you’re only about eight inches tall and roughly 10 pounds. Now imagine that your world is suddenly full of new stuff, like strangely breakable colored balls hung from a giant tree and people you’ve never met before!

The Secret to a Happy Marriage


In this day and age, a happy marriage seems harder to come by than a four leaf clover. In fact, considering the divorce rate is at 50 percent and the reality that there are plenty of unsatisfied couples out there, a happy marriage sometimes seems like an unattainable ideal. But, we know that while the stats seem scary, there are plenty of couples out there who are truly making it work. Theyre in satisfying, loving, committed and successful marriages. So, we asked our Twitter followers and Facebook Friends, whats your secret to a happy marriage?

Quinoa Stuffed Enchilada Peppers Recipe


This was so good that my carnivorous husband didn’t even mind that it was vegetarian! This healthy dish combines the delicious taste of enchiladas with stuffed peppers and trust me, you’re going to LOVE it! It’s a taste sensation. Ingredients: 4 yellow peppers (you can mix it up and use 2 red or 2 green or any […]

Fall Weekend Getaways: The 6 Best Campgrounds in America


Summer is coming to a close, and were all trying to fit in a little bit of last minute fun before the school year starts. Why not take advantage of the great summer weather and head outdoors! Camping is a great way to spend some quality time with your kids. It’s fun for the whole family… not to mention it’s significantly cheaper than other family vacations. Labor Day weekend is the perfect time to head out for some good old-fashioned time in the great outdoors. Check out ModernMom’s top picks for the most beautiful campgrounds in America:

Tonight’s Dinner Menu: One Pot Wonders


Do you have your back to school dinner plans yet? (And I don’t mean at CPK or takeout!) As summer is winding down, you may be thinking, “Uh oh I have to get serious again about cooking dinner.” Days of al fresco dining will soon be ending. Back to school usually means that meals are now based on your kids schedule; putting it all together between picking them up from soccer practice and helping with homework. It all comes with a certain amount of stress and a lot of clean up.