How to Teach Your Kids Empathy


As a psychologist, parents frequently ask me how to cultivate empathy in their children.  Instead of only understanding their own point of view, parents wish for their children to learn how to share, take others’ perspectives, and overall how to value other people’s opinions just as their value their own. Here are five ways to teach empathy […]

Kissing Kids on the Lips: Fine or Not?


I recently read an article that says that parents should not kiss their babies on the mouth, because it can be “sexual” or “stimulating.”  Well, look at this: Here is why I think this is fine.  And not just me, plenty of other people think it’s fine, too. People are hypocritical.  In this article, a woman says that kissing […]

Will Divorce Screw Up My Kids?


Reader Unhappily Married writes: After years of unhappiness in my marriage, including fights, lack of communication, and feeling that my husband does not value me, I am strongly considering divorce. In my mind we have tried everything, including more than one attempt at couples counseling and reading self-help books. My husband tells me this will […]