Roasted Lemon Sage Chickpeas


If you’re looking for a creative, healthy and delicious snack that the entire family can enjoy together, you’ve gotta try these Lemon Sage Chickpea Bursts! They’re high in protein and fiber and they’re a great alternative to those same old cheese and crackers. Plus, each fiber and protein packed, satisfying serving is just 105 calories! Lemon Sage Chickpea Bursts

Easy Honey Glazed Chicken


If you’re pressed for time on weeknights and getting a healthy dinner on the table for the family always feels like a challenge, you’re not alone.  As registered dietitians, one of the requests that we get the most is for healthy, delicious meals that can be made in a flash. We hear ya, and we […]

20 Easy, Healthy and Kid-Friendly Snacks


As registered dietitians, our clients (and friends!) frequently request ideas for healthy, quick-to-make snacks that their kids will enjoy.  Here, we have a list of 20 kid-friendly snacks—and chances are you may have most of the ingredients in your very own kitchen!  To keep your kids satisfied and to prevent energy crashes, mood swings and […]

Sweet Potato Wedges With Pumpkin Dip


We love that this easy cozy, comfort food is not only healthy and super simple to make, but the kids love it and it’s great for keeping your skin looking young! Nothing is more satisfying than biting into something sweet and nutritious! If you have a sweet tooth, but you don’t want to ruin your […]

Raspberry Detox and Anti-Bloat Tea


Hope you had a great weekend! If you want to feel healthier and flush the bloat, toxins and indulgences from overdoing it during the weekend, this Raspberry Detox and Anti-bloat Tea is for you! This tea is absolutely delicious, plus it will help to quickly flush bloat and restore normal hydration. Thanks to the raspberries, lemons […]

Healthy Cranberry Holiday Cookies You Can Make with the Kids


Some of our best memories as kids were the times spent in the kitchen baking holiday cookies with our mom.  And now, with our own kids, this is still one of our favorite things to do.  The difference is that now with the hectic holiday season we don’t have to stress over finding a full […]

Watermelon Snowman Recipe


Why not bring a watermelon snowman to a holiday party this year? It’s healthy and tasty… sure to be a hit! And best of all, watermelon is packed with Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin B 6 to keep eyes healthy and boost immunity. Here are the instructions, courtesy The National Watermelon Promotion Board website: Supplies

Breakfast Cookies with Banana and Strawberries

Strawberry_banana_Breakfast_cookie (1)

We’re the first to admit that even as registered dietitians and personal trainers who enjoy eating healthy foods, we love sweet flavors as much as the next person– and we definitely gravitate towards sweet over salty foods. Apparently, the apple doesn’t fall fare from the tree, as our kids do too. In fact, if we […]