An Extraordinary “Ordinary” Person


For this series, MOMS DO THE MOST AMAZING THINGS, I’ve interviewed celebrities, TV personalities, and New York Times bestselling authors, but I know from personal experience that the extraordinary often goes unrecognized in “ordinary” people. Not on camera. Not with a million followers on Instagram. Not on anyone’s most influential list. I’ve met many of […]

Holidays with Holly Robinson Peete


I first met Holly Robinson Peete a few years ago when her foundation HollyRod and mine, Myles-A-Part, were honored in Atlanta for our work with families living with Autism. I was struck immediately by her perfect harmony of “it factor” star power and completely accessible girlfriend-next-door-ness. Everything about Holly says endurance. Her defiantly gorgeous, youthful […]

What Are The Odds?


Im not what youd call a betting woman, but even I understand odds. Take a girl raised by a single dad. That girls mom struggles with addiction and is in and out of her life. That girl gets pregnant at a young age and the father of her child dies, leaving her on her own, surviving with government assistance. Even I know the odds are stacked against that girl. And yet Possibility …

What’s In Your Inner Beauty Bag?


While Facebook is not the most comprehensive look at a persons life, you often learn a lot about priorities and patterns examining social media posts. Me? Youd learn that Im passionate about autism, my writing, my family and my friends. May sound like an amateur move, but I thought Id poke around the Facebook page of Felita Harris, Senior Vice President of Global Sales for Donna Karan New York, before diving …

How Jasinda Wilder Saved Her Family’s Home Writing Steamy Romance Novels


Have you ever been in a situation when you felt the walls of your life closing in on you; pressing against your hope, your faith, your peace?I know what that feels like. My family suffered a series of back-to-back blows. My son was diagnosed with autism on a Thursday, and the next day, my husband lost his job. We were pawning, scraping and doing everything we could think of to keep our heads above …

Interview With “Talk About Curing Autism” Founder Lisa Ackerman


During April, we have celebrated incredible women raising children with autism as a part of our MOMMIES DO THE MOST AMAZING THINGS interview series.The mom who is the subject of today’s interview has a special place in my heart and in my familys journey, though we have never met face to face.When my son was diagnosed with autism at two years old, it thrust us into a new universe. One where …

Interview With “Know The Night” Author Maria Mutch


Life is a lot like jazzits best when you improvise. – George GershwinAs we continue our interview series MOMMIES DO THE MOST AMAZING THINGS, I thought this quote was especially fitting for this weeks featured mama.Maria Mutch, like the other moms were spotlighting during Autism Awareness Month, is raising a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Her son Gabe actually has a dual diagnosis – autism and Down syndrome.I never …

This Mom Co-Founded A Company While Raising Six Kids!


I believe every mom has super powers. Some we exercise everyday, while others lay dormant, waiting to be activated.Im excited to introduce you to some supernova mamas in a series were calling MOMMIES DO THE MOST AMAZING THINGS, hoping these incredible moms, who exercise their powers for the good of their families and for others, will encourage us all.Fittingly, since autism is such a personal cause of mine, were launching …

“We Need To Talk About Your Son”


I have a No Eggshells policy with my closest friends. We dont tiptoe around issues or sweep things under the proverbial rug. When theres an issue, we address it. When theres conflict, we resolve.The older I get, the more I appreciate this kind of frankness, which from my experience, is one mark of an authentic friendship. I need someone with whom I can be myself – who can laugh with me til …