First Signs & Symptoms of Pregnancy


Possible pregnancy can turn you into a detective. You probably have not been so alert for signs and symptoms since you first suspected he had an engagement ring stashed somewhere. Women have many stories about pregnancy signs. Some women claim to know right when conception occurs. Tales of intuition are amusing but only facts help soothe an overactive mind. Some common signs of pregnancy might occur before you are late for your period.

Sensitive Breasts

Your body changes rapidly as soon as two weeks after you conceive. The Mayo Clinic says that changes in body hormones can make your breasts more sensitive or feel heavier. Many women also experience breast discomfort before their period starts, so this symptom might not mean you are pregnant for certain.

Bed Potato

Having trouble getting out of bed in the morning does not necessarily mean you are lazy; your hormones might be the cause. Progesterone levels soar in the early stages of pregnancy. The Mayo Clinic says that large levels of progesterone can make you sleep. The level of sugar in your blood goes down at this time also. Your body is preparing itself to support a life. Blood production increases and your blood pressure might go down. All these momentous changes can contribute to extreme fatigue, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Spotting and Nausea

You might notice some slight bleeding or spotting before you expect your period. About 12 days after your egg is fertilized, implantation in the uterus occurs. Some women notice bleeding around this time, or even some cramping. When you finally manage to drag yourself out of bed, you might feel nausea. Classic morning sickness begins early for some women. It could be as early as two weeks after you conceive, according to the Mayo Clinic. Hormones are behind the queasiness; heightened estrogen levels may be the cause. According to the Mayo Clinic, estrogen slows down your stomach functions, which can lead to nausea. You might also be more sensitive to smells. Any cooking might make you run to the bathroom rather than the kitchen.

Problems at Both Ends

Headaches are an uncomfortable early sign of pregnancy for some women. Those changing hormones along with increasing blood production and circulation could be to blame. You might feel dizzy or faint. Lower blood sugar levels or drops in blood pressure can cause these symptoms, according to the Mayo Clinic. As if that were not enough, you might also be constipated. Your digestion slows when you first get pregnant and, along with it, your comfort level decreases.

Hot Head

If you feel aggravated with your loved one, early pregnancy might be to blame. Mood swings often occur due to the huge hormonal changes taking place in your body. You might feel guilty about your moodiness. You are, however, preparing to bring a new life into the world. Cut yourself some slack.

You might literally have a hot head. Your basal body temperature (your temperature as measured under your tongue first thing in the morning) rises a little when you ovulate and stays elevated until your period. If your temperature stays higher for two weeks or more, you might be pregnant.

Proof Positive

When your period is late, you probably know you might be pregnant. A missed period is the classic first indicator of pregnancy. Take a home pregnancy test; follow the instructions carefully. Wait a few days and test again if the result is negative. When the test comes back positive, it is time to see your doctor and celebrate.



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