Do You Crave Sex During Early Pregnancy?


Being pregnant is an aphrodisiac for some women. A woman in early pregnancy can feel at the height of her powers. Nature is helping you ramp up to support a life–and you also might feel a little ramped up about the process. Physical changes occur early in pregnancy that can heighten a woman’s sexual response. Psychological factors are equally important. Early pregnancy often brings joy to a couple. A healthy, happy woman usually enjoys a healthy sexuality.

That Certain Glow

Many women find early pregnancy to be a magical time in their lives. The excitement about being pregnant can make you feel vibrant and alive. Many women feel tired in early pregnancy, and some also get nauseated due to the changing hormones in their bodies. Others feel great and want to celebrate the way they feel by making love.

Nature’s Viagra

One early symptom of pregnancy is increased blood production, according to the Mayo Clinic. Increased blood flow to the pelvic area can cause a woman’s genitals to become engorged with blood, heightening her sexual responsiveness. Some women experience orgasm for the first time during pregnancy, and others experience multiple orgasms, according to the Our Bodies Ourselves website. Early in pregnancy, breasts swell and become more sensitive to the touch. Some women don’t like the increased sensitivity of their nipples, but others find it heightens their sexual response.

I Like Me

Pregnant women are celebrated in the media. Pregnancy is the one time a woman can feel beautiful with a big belly. Curves equate with womanhood during pregnancy–so celebrate those hips. The confidence you feel inside shows on the outside. A confident woman is a sexy one, so you might be more attractive than ever to your husband.

Last Best Chance

You might want to enjoy yourself during early pregnancy because you know the next months will bring great changes. Birth control is not an issue. Many couples enjoy newfound spontaneity. Couples having their first child will never be alone again in the same way. Fulfilling sexual encounters strengthen physical bonds between husband and wife, so embrace your sexuality. You are helping build a more stable family for your baby.


Every woman experiences pregnancy differently, and each woman feels different from one day to the next. Do not feel obligated to be sexual or to abstain from sex when you are pregnant. Ensure good health by following your doctor’s advice and do what feels right for you.



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