Checklist for a Kid’s Birthday Party


A kid’s birthday party can be fun for both child and parent alike. Sometimes, though, a lack of planning results in a loss of opportunity for fun. The atmosphere at a kid’s birthday party can be dampened when a particular supply is missing for a party’s event or activity. For example, a game of kickball will be spoiled if no one remembers to bring the ball. Having a checklist will ensure that all the little details have been remembered.

Guest List and Invitations

Kids should be consulted when deciding on a guest list for the birthday party. This doesn’t mean that every friend should be put on the guest list. Parents often know at least some of the friends, and a birthday party allows them the opportunity to get to know more of them. But there can be economic reasons for keeping the party smaller than the birthday kid wants. Once the guest list is agreed upon, invitations can be written. Kids can explore their creative sides by decorating the invitations with hand-drawn pictures.


Selecting a location may appear like an obvious item on a birthday checklist, but it offers an opportunity to explore additional ways to entertain the children. For example, museums and science centers offer birthday packages. These packages also allow parents not to worry about other planning details for the party because the entertainment and food comes with these packages. There are also some restaurants and businesses, such as miniature golf courses, that offer birthday packages. Of course, the home is another option, and then it becomes a matter of deciding whether to hold the party inside or outside. Have alternate plans for outdoor parties in case of inclement weather.


Decorations for a kid’s birthday party will depend on the age of the child, but many themes are available, such as popular children’s cartoons. Homemade decorations are another option, which allows siblings to participate and explore their creative sides. Decorations are not necessary for children to have fun at the party, but they help establish a festive environment.


Entertainment is a must for keeping children occupied and entertained at a birthday party. The entertainment could be an act, such as a clown’s act or rented playground equipment. Games are another fun way to entertain the kids. Active games, such as tag, will help children burn off calories. Other games, such as board games or card games, can help keep the party under control, which may become an issue if rowdy children are present. Grab bags can provide children with an exciting moment of discovery and can be filled with snacks and small toys for the children to play with.


In addition to the birthday cake, snacks can be provided. Children may prompt the parents for food because of hunger pangs, and planning ahead will help stop the cries for food. Nutritional food snacks will provide a healthy alternate to junk food. When planning a kid’s birthday party, food is a necessary item on the planning list.



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