8 Homeless Youth Die in New Orleans Fire


Tragic news. Eight young people squatting at an abandoned warehouse where they were trying to keep warm died in a raging fire during the night in New Orleans. They were squatting in a wood framed tin walled warehouse in a Ninth Ward neighborhood.

Officials say it was the city’s most deadly fire in 25 years.

Firefighters cannot tell the ages or genders of those who died because the bodies were so badly burned. It is thought that the dead included three women and five men, estimated to be in their late teens or early 20’s.

The fire was likely caused by the squatters burning wood to stay warm.

Homelessness in New Orleans has doubled since Katrina, according to an August 2010 report by Unity of Greater New Orleans. Since Katrina, New Orleans has had a major homeless problem because of the lack of affordable housing.



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