Diabetic Halloween Recipe for Kids


For diabetics, Halloween can be more of a trick than a treat. With all the candy snacks and sugary desserts, the potential to throw your insulin out of whack is everywhere. As you struggle to teach your child to know his body and regulate his sugar intake, Halloween can be a nightmare. Create special sugar-free or low-sugar treats that your child can enjoy all day. Hand them out at parties or at the door when costumed kids ring the bell.

Step 1

Pop the popcorn in the microwave. Dump it into a bowl.

Step 2

Melt 2 tbsp. butter or syrup in the pan, depending on whether you want a sweet or salty snack. Mix in drops of food coloring until you reach the coloring you want. Orange works well.

Step 3

Pour over the popcorn, and stir quickly. Place the popcorn into plastic bags, and shake them up to distribute the color. Pour the snack into small plastic bags or plastic gloves for creepy popcorn hands.



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