Creative Dress-Up Party Costume Ideas


Going to a dress-up costume party provides an opportunity to carry out fantasy characters, use your sense of humor and have a great deal of fun. You can make costumes from articles you have around the house or rent/purchase a costume from a party store. Regardless of your choice, adding personal touches will give it your special signature touch.

Butterfly and Butterfly Catcher

For the couple going to the party together, dressing as a butterfly or butterfly catcher can garner some laughs. The woman dresses in a butterfly costume and adds her personal touches with fake eyelashes, lots of glamorous make-up and long fingernails. The man dresses in khaki shorts, a safari shirt and some boots. He carries a large net and is the butterfly catcher.

Little Dead Riding Hood

Little Dead Riding Hood is a fun twist on a classic. Wear a normal Little Red Riding Hood costume. Add fake scars, some dripping blood and bandages to illustrate the fact that the Big Bad Wolf got you before you came to the party. Carry a basket that is filled with blood-covered items and, perhaps, some fake body parts.

Static Cling

Static cling is a great costume idea for teenagers and adults. It is also inexpensive and can be made using things you have around the house. To make the costume, use safety pins to attach dryer sheets, socks, dish cloths and other small laundry items all over a pair of dark pants and a dark shirt. Once you have covered the outfit in items you put the outfit on and use gel to make your hair stand up on end.



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