Fun Team Building Activities for Kids


Kids love to have fun, but sometimes they end up sitting too long on the couch in front of a gaming console, cell phone or laptop computer. That’s where activities come in, helping kids to be active. Activities can serve other purposes as well, and be fun at the same time. Some activities function to build team spirit. Just like members of a band develop a sense of comradeship and team spirit as they play together, kids can develop a sense of team with the right activities.

Tell 3 Things

Everyone in the group needs to write down three things. Two of these things will be true and one will be false. The writing is done in secret with no one looking over anyone else’s shoulder. After everyone is finished, everyone moves to sit in a circle. Draw straws or flip a coin to see who begins, and then proceed around the circle in a clockwise motion with everyone reading his card. The group discusses the three things and comes to a group guess as to which of the three is false. The secret for this activity is that the team building comes from the discussions and learning about each other.

Group Story

A group story is one that is started by a single person and is continued by everyone in the group, one at a time. Everyone doesn’t need to be sitting in a circle for this activity, but everyone needs to take a turn. The story can be written or spoken aloud. The story can end when everyone has had a turn. Alternately, there can be a predetermined beginning and end, and everyone has to mold their story in between.

Likenesses and Differences

This activity not only builds a group spirit, it helps everyone learn more about each other. You’ll need a blackboard and chalk or poster board and black marker for this activity. Write down traits on the blackboard or poster board. The traits can be character traits such as “good speaker” or physical traits such as “tall.” Flip a coin or draw straws to see who goes first. The first person adds her name under each trait that is fitting. Everyone follows suit. It doesn’t take long to see who in the group is alike.

Banana Pass

Speaking of fun, this activity fits the bill. It can, however, get a little messy. The Banana Pass activity is a relay race with the baton being a banana. The banana has been peeled to give the group an extra challenge. Run the relay race as space and physical condition permits, and be ready with wash rags and towels for messy hands.



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