Bundaberg Cut In Two by Floodwaters


Floodwaters have split the central Queensland town of Bundaberg in two, flooding 120 homes and businesses and forcing 100 people to spend the night in evacuation centers. The town was hit with its worst flood in 60 years overnight.

The Burnett River peaked at 7.9 meters overnight, it’s highest level since 1942 when it reached 8.4 meters. The river severed Bundaberg in two, separating the north from the south.

"Bundaberg is now split in two," Deputy Mayor Tony Ricciardi said. “We have a few homes that are totally underwater. Another 400 would at least have had water come in over the floor.”

Residents may not be able to return to their homes for three to four days.

Farmers in the region are taking a major hit as well. Bundaberg’s crop of tomatoes, macadamia, avocado and sugar cane was affected by the flooding.



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