Kids’ Bedroom Design Ideas


Whether you are redecorating a bedroom or designing the layout for a new house, your kids need a bedroom that not only is visually appealing but that is also functional. Some considerations of bedroom functionality may not have occurred to you, but they can help your kids spend meaningful time in their bedrooms, whether it’s sleeping or doing homework. Before long, your kids will be showing off their bedrooms to their friends.

Solicit Ideas from Your Kids

When designing bedrooms for your kids, bring them into the decision-making process. This gives them an investment in the design of the bedroom, and they’ll feel more ownership of the room, which may help later when it comes to reminding them to keep it clean. Also, there may be decisions that you’re split about. This is the perfect time to let the child decide.

Design for Height

Think about the height of your children when designing their bedrooms. For example, closets with rods that are out of their reach aren’t as useful as rods within easy reach. The same concept goes for drawers and other storage spaces. Keep handles and other access points within reach of your children.

Sort and Simplify

To help keep the bedroom clean in the future, bring a “sort and simplify” mindset into the design process. Keep toys in one area or one storage container. Clothes go in a different area of the room. Schoolwork and supplies can go on a study desk or on shelves on a study nook. Study nooks can help prompt kids to do their homework by giving them a private place to do homework.


Incorporate shelves built into walls in the design of your kids’ bedroom. These shelves will be easy to access and help the kids to keep the floor clean. Use labels that are appropriate for your shelves if you want them dedicated to certain items, such as toys or books. Labels are a great way to help a child keep the bedroom organized.

Colorful Scheme

Use a colorful scheme to make your kids’ bedrooms visually appealing. If they are interested in certain themes, such as action heroes or rainbows and unicorns, consider decorating the walls with pictures or drawings that incorporate this theme.

Bunk Beds

Bunk beds help to maximize the available floor space in a bedroom, affording the kids more room in which to play or study. Consider placing the bunk beds by a window so that they can become accustomed to the times of sunrise and sunset.



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