Pet Crafts for Children


Children who love their pets may want to express their emotions in an artful way. Pet crafts provide a way for children to express their creativity at the same time as doing something for their pets. Pet crafts provide parents with a means to help their children explore their creative sides and to grow closer to their pets.

Award or Certificate

Children can craft their own awards or certificates for their pets for any number of reasons, from a special award for devotion to a certificate for a job well done being a pet. Although you can find printable certificates online, children can practice their design and drawing skills by making their own. Simply get a piece of poster board or simply a piece of printer paper. The child can print “Certificate of Merit” and the pet’s name in a prominent place. Otherwise, use markers, glitter, yarn or other decorative bits and pieces to make a suitable award or certificate that can be framed and put on the wall.

Kitchen Magnets

Children can use clay that can be dried and painted, and make kitchen magnets out of them. Fashion the clay into a resemblance of the pet or perhaps a favorite toy of the pet. Before the clay dries, press a magnet into the back. Follow the instructions for the clay on drying. After drying the magnet, the child paints the clay and waits for the paint to dry. Clay and magnets can be found in craft stores.

Pet Food Bowl

A pet’s food bowl can be turned into a fun craft project for children. Use stencil letters or simply trace the letter outlines on the bowl. Use color markers to fill in the pet’s name on the bowl. Other designs appropriate for the pet, such as cat or dog paws, can be drawn and painted around the perimeter of the bowl.

Pet Socks

When it’s cold, a child can understand how a pet can develop cold feet, especially if there’s snow or ice on the ground. Children can make socks by cutting out two halves of a sock pattern. They may need help, especially if they are very young. Then use yarn and hole punches to string the two halves together to make the sock. The socks can be decorated with glue and glitter to make a colorful design. The socks can also be made with a holiday design, such as drawing Christmas trees on them.

Fake Pet

Fashion a fake pet for your child’s pet out of a discarded computer mouse. Glue a piece of yarn to the mouse for a tail. Ears can be painted on or small scraps of felt cut into the shape of ears can be glued on. Wiggle eyes can be purchased from craft stores and glued on. Be sure to have your child name this pet “mouse.” The child can then paint the name on the bottom of the mouse.



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