How to Increase Milk Supply While Breastfeeding

You spent nine months preparing for your baby’s arrival and stock up on diapers, clothes and frozen meals. Unfortunately, as prepared as you were, you can’t prepare his food ahead of time. If you are breastfeeding your baby, you might be wondering if he is getting enough. Discuss your child’s growth and your supply with your doctor, especially if you have concerns about the amount you are producing.

Step 1

Write down the time each time you breastfeed or pump. Also write down whether you pumped or your baby suckled. If you pumped, write down how much you made. If your baby ate, write down how long she ate. This will help your doctor evaluate how much you are producing.

Step 2

Breastfeed or pump every two to three hours, including at least once during the night. Keeping your milk production active is the key to large mouths. Start breastfeeding or pumping as soon as you can after you give birth.

Step 3

Keep your baby close, as your hormones react to him to create milk. Use skin-to-skin contact to hold your child during his first few days and weeks. During your first days, let him sleep near you in a bassinet and feed him when he fusses or cries, allowing your body to respond and make milk.

Step 4

Take fenugreek capsules daily, according to your doctor’s orders. Fenugreek is a popular lactation producer, as are alfalfa and milk thistle.



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