Halloween Decorating Ideas for the House


Decorating your home, inside and out, adds a festive touch as Halloween approaches. Halloween decorations don’t have to be over-the-top to make an impact. Subtle and simple Halloween decorations also add the holiday theme to your decor. The Halloween decorations are easy to assemble, with most only requiring a few basic supplies.

Pumpkin Messages

Jack-o’-lanterns are a common sight around Halloween. To make your pumpkins stand out, carve out a message for your guests. Carve one letter into each pumpkin. For example, if you want your pumpkins to spell out the word “BOO”, you would carve a “B” into the first pumpkin, an “O” into the second pumpkin, and an “O” into the third pumpkin. An exclamation on a fourth pumpkin is also an option. You’ll need to leave part of the pumpkin shell connected when carving letters with middles, such as the B’s and O’s. A template helps you keep the lines of the letters straight for a more polished look.

Decorative Candleholders

Halloween candleholders dress up tables, mantels and other surfaces in the home. You can purchase Halloween candleholders but making your own makes them one-of-a-kind. For a simple themed option, pour candy corn into the bottom of a glass candleholder to surround the base of the candle. Painting a glass candleholder with a Halloween theme is another option.

Pumpkin Trees

This Halloween decoration suggested by Good Housekeeping works best outdoors. A pumpkin serves as the base for the tree. Choose a tall, thin branch with additional smaller branches coming off of it. Make a hole in the top of the pumpkin just large enough for the base of the branch. Press the branch into the pumpkin. You can decorate the pumpkin trees with a variety of decorations. Fake spider webs stretched between the branches add a spooky look. Another option is decorating it with a strand of Halloween lights. Also consider adding some Halloween decorations to the branches.

Scary Mirrors

The mirrors in your home get a Halloween makeover with the addition of spooky eyes. Look for vinyl clings in the shape of eyes in the Halloween section. You can also make your own by cutting vinyl or removable drawer liner material into the shape of eyes. Add them to your mirrors with artificial spider webs around the perimeter.

Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns in white, orange or black make a Halloween-themed hanging decoration for the home. Dollar stores sometimes sell the paper globes. Carefully paint on details to make the lanterns look more festive. On an orange paper lantern you might paint a jack-o’-lantern face. A white lantern works well for a ghost. Just paint black eyes and a black mouth to transform it. Hang the paper lanterns around the house.



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