Cheap Halloween Costumes for Kids


The mass-produced kids’ costumes that fill stores near Halloween are often expensive and lack the individuality that comes with a homemade costume. While some homemade costumes require lots of expensive materials to create, many costumes are possible with inexpensive items, some of which you might have on hand. Get older kids involved in making the costumes for a more personalized costume.

Construction Worker

A construction worker costume is simple to put together. You probably already have several components around the house that you can use for this costume. A pair of denim overalls or jeans and a flannel shirt create the main part of the outfit. If your child doesn’t already have these clothing items, check at a thrift store to save money. A toy tool belt with pretend tools and a toy hard hat will finish off the costume. Look at a dollar store or party store for these items at a reasonable price.


Narrow rolls of tulle found in the wedding section of most craft stores allow you to make your own inexpensive tutu for a child’s ballerina costume. You also need a length of elastic to create the waistband of the tutu. Measure the elastic by placing it around your child’s waist and subtracting 1 inch, so it is snug and does not fall down. Sew the ends together to create the waistband. The tulle is cut into lengths twice as long as you want the tutu to end up. For example, if you want the tutu to hang down 12 inches, cut the tulle pieces at 24 inches each. Place the elastic band around the back of a chair to make the tying easier. Place a piece of tulle over the waistband, folding it in half so half is on each side of the elastic. Tie the tulle in place. Repeat with the remaining tulle pieces, sliding them together as close as possible. A leotard and a pair of ballet shoes that your daughter already owns will complete this costume.


The cat costume is another option that takes advantage of clothing your child already owns. A black sweatsuit is ideal for the cat. Cut lengths of a fur-like boa to go around the cuffs of the sweatshirt and sweatpants. Cut another length for the tail. Triangles of black, stiff felt work well for the ears. You can also outline the ears with more of the fur boa. Use fabric glue, safety pins or sew the fur accents onto the sweatsuit. Black gloves or mittens make the hands look more like paws. Face paint to add a kitty nose and whiskers finishes the costume. The same concept works for other animals. Simply change the color of the sweatsuit and the details you add to make it resemble the specified animal.


An athlete costume works well if you child is already involved in sports or has an older sibling who plays. Use old jerseys or uniforms from the desired sport, along with matching pants or shorts. Add other accessories based on the sport, such as a helmet for a football player or a baseball mitt for a baseball player.



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