You Are Where You Are Meant to Be


Take a leap of faith that you are where you are meant to be. Whether you perceive it as good or bad, there is something for you in this space and time. What is the universe asking of you? What lessons need to be learned? Are you resisting them out of fear?

When the lessons knock on the door to my heart, I often see and hear them. Sometimes I feel like shutting the door and saying come again another day. And they do, only louder, harder and more difficult. Invite lessons in, as you would a close friend.

Trust there is a reason. Trust that the universe is all-loving and cares about your best interest as a soul. Live in the space of that belief. It is normal to feel like the lessons come in ways you do not prefer. Every one of us wonders why sometimes. However, peace comes in accepting what is and moving forward from there.

You are exactly where you should be. Have faith as you take your next step forward.

Celebrate life with peace and love in your heart!



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