When It Comes To Baby Food – Healthy Can Still Be Tasty!

I love wine, I mean food.  Ok I love wine and I love food.  But just because I love food in no way makes me a snob in the least bit.  And in terms of the wine, just give me the most buttery Chardonnay and I’m good for the night.  Sometimes I feel bad for my partner Ben who, God bless him, is a sommelier and chef extraordinaire and just smiles when I ask for an ice cube for my buttery, buttery, buttery California Chardonnay.

But back to the food.  For dinner tonight I indulged in leftovers from our baby food delivery company – LJ Gourmet. That’s right, I ate baby food remnants from yesterday’s delivery.  But I have got to tell you, they were delicious!  These cheesy veggie nuggets that are basically a whole heap of veggies mixed with some cheddar and some oats and then baked.  Yum!  And then I had a little chicken, a little quinoa, some broccoli risotto and asparagus.  I also added in a little extra cheese for myself on the side (Paranno – yum!) because I just can’t ever seem to get enough of the stuff. 

That’s why we started the company, so that other kids could eat delicious, real food too. Nothing fancy, just good.  Honestly, that was the sole purpose. 

Most of my friends in Los Angeles either don’t have kids or have really little ones.  But my friends in Minnesota have you know, Kids with a capital K.  These miniature people are like almost 5 feet tall already and most of them eat like total gazindafunk.  It’s not a wonder.  I mean the #1 search on Google today was McDonalds changing their menu to add an apple in the Happy Meal.  Apparently there are a lot of moms across America sitting around their computers with looks of wonder on their faces and many questions unanswered.

My oldest, best friend knows it’s bad that she will not eat ANYTHING besides cereal, PB&Js (white bread with Jiff and 90% sugar grape jelly) Mac and Cheese (Kraft out of the box), chicken nuggets, french fries and ice cream.  She says she just can’t help it. I don’t know.  I am in no position to tell my friend what to do, I’ve seen it first hand and it ain’t pretty. 

So we decided to take another approach. We’re trying to take some of these stock “kid dishes” and make them more nutritious.  We add veggies in the chicken (cage free) nuggets.  We use whole wheat noodles and throw in carrots and sweet potatoes in our Mac and Cheese and all of our ingredients are organic, not made in a laboratory or a factory but actually, drum roll please, in a kitchen (GASP!). 

Ok, I am stepping down from my beloved soapbox now.  I must go to sleep and dream of new lands where everyone holds hands, enjoys beautiful, real food together and sings Kumbaya.



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