Top 100 Baby Names in Australia


Australian parents are choosing traditional and trendy names for their children. The specific order of the top names vary depending on the specific state in which records are kept; however, the top fifty were the same in all of the states for the years 2007 and 2009.

Top Ten Boys and Girls

The top ten boy names between 2007 and 2009 were Jack, William, Cooper, Joshua, Thomas, Riley, Oliver, Lachlan, Ethan and Noah. In some states, Mitchell and Lucas made the top ten. Overall, William and Jack were the most popular names for baby boys. For girls, the top ten names were Isabella, Chloe, Olivia, Mia, Charlotte, Ella, Sienna, Ava, Mia and Emily. The top two were Chloe and Mia, with Olivia and Isabella very close behind.

Other Top Boy Names

The remaining 40 of the top 50 baby boy names feature traditional names, Biblical names and some Old English names. James, Jacob, Benjamin, Samuel, Daniel and Alexander are some examples. Other top baby boy names in Australia between 2007 and 209 were Samuel, Liam, Ryan, Max, Jayden, Matthew, Lucas, Isaac, Nicholas, Luke, Charlie, Tyler, Harrison and Jackson. Rounding out the top 50 we have Dylan, Jake, Harry, Angus, Bailey, Adam, Michael, Oscar, Joseph, Hayden, Nathan, Blake, Connor, Cameron, Henry, Jordan, Christian, Logan, Mitchell and Aiden.

Other Top Girl Names

The remaining top 40 baby girl names in Australia between 2007 and 2009 featured trendy names, Biblical names and Old English names. Sophie and Grace made it into the top ten in South Australia, but not the other states. Other top baby girl names were Madison, Lily, Amelia, Ruby, Jessica, Zoe, Hannah, Holly, Lucy and Georgia. These were followed by Jasmine, Imogen, Sarah, Chelsea, Maddison, Hayley, Alyssa, Scarlett, Jade, Eva, Paige, Mikayla, Tayla, Caitlin, Tahlia, Phoebe, Molly and Claire. Rounding out the top 50 were Madeline, Kate, Lara, Isla, Erin, Ivy, Tailor, Kaitlyn, Ebony and Violet.



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