How Do I Get Wrinkles Out of Jeans?


Whether you lost weight and can finally fit into your skinny jeans again or you are getting ready for a trip and want to take your favorite pair along, it can be disheartening to pull them out find they are wrinkled. Don’t worry, there are several things you can do to get them looking neat and tidy again.

Step 1

Use the dryer. Jeans don’t have to be wet to be placed in the dryer, though spraying them with a fine mist of water will speed the de-wrinkling process. The jeans should be the only thing in the dryer. Set it for 15 to 20 minutes and turn it on. Remove them promptly and hang them up when spinning stops. They will be wrinkle free.

Step 2

Steam them out. A commercial garment steamer holds a small amount of water and plugs into the wall. Holding the steamer in one hand move it up and down pointing the stem at the wrinkled area of your jeans. The steam loosens the wrinkles and they will fall out, leaving your jeans wrinkle free.

Step 3

Iron them. A good old-fashioned iron removes wrinkles from the most stubborn denim. Check the iron’s directions for setting preferences. Set the iron at the recommended setting. Lay jeans flat on the ironing board. Spray a light mist of water over the wrinkles and press the hot iron down on them. Move the iron back and forth over the wrinkle until it is ironed out. Hang the jeans up immediately to avoid new wrinkles.

Step 4

Take them to a dry cleaner. Though most jeans are wash and wear, there are some that require dry cleaning. Jeans decorated with gems or intricate embroidery often require dry cleaning. The dry cleaner will return them to you clean and wrinkle free.

Step 5

Put them in the restroom. Steam will reduce wrinkles. Hang the jeans on a hanger and place them on the back of a door, over the door handle or somewhere else where they are able to freely hang. Turn the shower and the sink on with the hottest water possible. Let the water run with all the bathroom doors closed. The steam created in the room will cause the wrinkles to fall out of the jeans. This process takes approximately 15 minutes after the room begins to fill with steam.



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