Hot Pregnancy Clothes


While there’s nothing wrong with playing it safe and keeping your maternity wardrobe fairly conservative, sexy celebrities like Heidi Klum, Christina Aguilera and Gwen Stefani prove that your pregnancy wardrobe can be sexy too. If you’re hoping for a sexy pregnancy, a confident attitude and some hot pregnancy clothes are key ingredients.

Flaunt Your Cleavage

Increased curves make pregnancy the perfect time to show off your cleavage, so when you want to look sexy, reach for a top with a deep V-neck or scoop-neck, or unbutton your blouse an extra button. Even a plain T-shirt or simple black dress becomes sexy when it complements your curves. If you’re not used to having cleavage to flaunt, pregnancy can be a great opportunity to enjoy new curves, says Jody Kozlow Gardner, co-author of “Pregnancy Chic: The Fashion Survival Guide,” in “Parents” magazine.

Fit Your Form

Though baggy, loose-fitting clothes hide your curves, they’re hiding them by making you look boxy and heavy all over, warns maternity fashion designers Isabella Oliver on “People” magazine’s Celebrity Baby Blog. If you want to look sexy, choose clothes that fit your body to emphasize the parts that look slim and trim compared to your expanding belly, like your arms, neck and legs. Clingy fabrics — like jersey or spandex blends — will hug your body to highlight your curves and give you a sexy baby bump.

Play Up Your Legs

Even if you don’t have the world’s greatest legs, you’ll notice that they look particularly slender and attractive beneath your blooming belly. Pregnancy is the perfect time to take risks with a tiny skirt that shows off your legs, even if you wouldn’t wear something short when you’re not pregnant, explains Lori Soloman, owner of Veronique Maternity, in “In Style” magazine. Skinny jeans and leggings are also good ways to show off your legs during pregnancy when you’re not ready to rock a mini-dress.

Add a Little Color

You may think that all black is slimming, but it can also get a little depressing when you stick with it day after day, says Kozlow Gardner. If you want to look sexy pregnant, invest in a few colorful pieces to mix in with your favorite neutrals. Opt for a red dress instead of a second black one, scoop up a slinky top in colors that flatter your skin tone or just slip on a bright-colored cardigan over your black top. Adding a little color will make you stand out and boost your sex appeal.



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