Want Positive Workout Results? Try This Negative Training Plan!


When we feel things that are strong and satisfying, they are truly hard to forget. Emotionally or physically, the deep sensations of fulfillment that register in our head and heart are quite similar to your body’s positive physiological responses to training… addictive, gratifying and rewarding. The pump and flexing motion of a bicep curl, the blast your quads feel as you push through a leg press, that final sprint across the finish line; all examples of how the amazing power deep within your body makes physical challenges possible, or otherwise known as up-phase or concentric training. Your muscles shorten, become fuller and feel stronger.

As you travel though your life, what would it truly be without experiencing both the ups and the downs. While upward, strong emotions and feelings give us comforting satisfaction and gratification. But it is truly the strength captured within the down-phase or decelerations that are capable of firing us back up to a higher place, than where we ever really began. No different than the way athletes train; just as it is important for them to accelerate and move forward, it is crucial for them to be able to stop and master control.

In this busy mommy, home-based negative training plan, which should be completed 2-3 days a week, on non-consecutive days, you are going to focus on pushing your muscles on the eccentric, or negative portion of each repetition. Grab a resistance band and get ready to blast those negatives as you build strength and stamina, as well as reap the rewards of trying something new and unexpected. Complete the circuit 2-4 times, depending on your fitness level.

High Row
30 Reps
Set Up: Attach your band to a high anchor point and stand with your heals under your hips, abs tight.
Execution:  Inhale and pull the band back tight, as you raise your elbows high and wide at shoulder height and hold. Exhale and slowly release your arms straight for 4-counts as you stretch your arms forward and repeat.

Push Ups
15-20 Reps
Set Up: On your knees or straight-legged, place your hands under your shoulders with your core pulled-in tight.
Execution:  Exhale and push yourself up. For 4-slow counts, bend your elbows and sink to the floor, exhale and immediately push yourself to the top and repeat.

Side Planks
15-20 Reps on each side
Set Up: Lie straight and long on your side and stack one leg over the other. Bend your elbow closest to the floor under your shoulder and place your top arm on your hip.
Execution:  While balancing on your elbow, exhale and push yourself off the floor for. Immediately lower down for 4-slow counts and then push quickly back to the top and repeat.

Static Lunges
30 reps per leg
Set Up:  Stand with your heels under your hips and step forward with your right leg and you lift your left heal off the floor.
Execution: As you count slowly for 4-counts, lower your body to the floor and bend both legs to a 90-degree angle. Quickly push up to the top and repeat.

Bicep Curls
30 reps
Set Up: Stand on a resistance band and grab both handles.
Execution: Quickly flex both arms and lift and squeeze your biceps. Slowly lower down for 4-slow counts and immediately lift and repeat.

(image courtesy of Steven Trujillo – Phoenix, AZ)





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