How to Create a Positive Inner Voice in Children


When you speak to your children, what do they hear? Is it a tone of love or one of stress and frustration? The way we speak to our children impacts the inner voice that we are instilling in them. Our children learn from us how to handle the world, and how to react in a difficult situation.

In this video I talk about becoming aware of the inner voice we are instilling in our kids and how I am working to improve that with my own children. This video also addresses how to recognize the mirrors that reflect our personality, so that we can become the best version of ourselves. In the video you will begin to learn about the choices and power we all have to help create a positive inner voice in our children.


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Do you have any tips or advice on how to act out of love in difficult situations? Is there anything that helps keep you from talking in a negative tone to the people you love most when you are having a stressful day? Will you help me spread awareness of the impact we have as parents to nurture our children’s inner voice?

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 Wendy Irene



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