Was Justin Bieber’s Dad An Accomplice?


By now you’ve probably heard that Justin Bieber was arrested
in Miami this morning on charges of DUI and resisting arrest.

The 19-year-old was allegedly drag racing in a yellow
Lamborghini when he was stopped by police.

“Bieber smelled of alcohol, repeatedly dropped F-bombs
and refused to cooperate with a police officer who had ordered him to put his
hands on his car during a cursory pat down,” according to USA Today.

But perhaps the most troubling part of the story – WAS

In a parenting move so stupid we almost can’t believe it,
TMZ is reporting that 38-year-old Jeremy Bieber was not only present when his
son was arrested but he “was one of the people who helped block off the
residential street so his son could drag race.”

And it gets worse. At the time of his arrest, Justin
admitted to police that he was under the influence of prescription drugs,
alcohol and weed – and since his father was with him for most of the day, then at the very least, Papa BIeber is turning a blind eye to his son’s substance abuse. 

So this guy is definitely not going to win any “father
of the year” awards.

We haven’t seen any reports about how Justin’s mom, Pattie
Mallette is reacting to the news but we spoke to her last month about the challenges
of growing up in the limelight

“[Justin] has to do everything in front of the whole
world and unfortunately sometimes that’s not always so pretty,” she said. “It’s tough, trying to figure out who you are
as a teenager, and then you add all this money and fame and resources endlessly
at your fingertips and the whole world telling you that you’re invincible.”

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Unfortunately, this arrest will serve as a harsh wake-up call for the pop star. We hope he gets the help he needs for what seems like a pretty serious substance abuse problem – and we hope his dad starts acting like a parent ASAP.

What would you do if your son was arrested – and his father was his partner in crime???



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