How to Dye Your Hair Jet Black


If you have your heart set on jet black hair, you can achieve this dramatic color change at home. Salon hair coloring can be expensive, particularly if you need frequent upkeep due to a significant color change. Black dyes can be blue toned, neutral, brownish-black or even reddish in tone, and will interact with your natural base color. With just a bit of practice, you can get glossy jet black hair in less than an hour in your own bathroom.

Step 1

Pick the shade of black to achieve the jet-black color you want. Opt for a blue-black tone if your hair is naturally reddish or a neutral black if you don’t have red tones in your natural hair color. Blue tones will cancel out the natural red in your hair, advises Use hair swatches or examples on the side of the box to help you pick your perfect shade.

Step 2

Choose a permanent or semipermanent single process black hair color. Purchase a boxed dye at the drugstore that includes pre-measured dye and developer, or buy the color and developer separately at a beauty supply store.

Step 3

Put on gloves to protect your hands from the dye. Change into an old shirt or bathrobe. Brush your dry hair to remove any knots, then apply petroleum jelly along your hairline to prevent blue-black stains on your skin.

Step 4

Remove the tip from the dye applicator bottle if you have purchased a boxed hair dye. Combine equal amounts of neutral or blue-black hair color and developer in the dye applicator bottle, cover the opening with a gloved finger and shake well to mix.

Step 5

Divide your hair into four sections, vertically down the center and then horizontally from side to side using the end of a rattail comb. Twist the hair and fasten three sections out of the way with hair clips. Apply dye to the roots, then work through to the ends. Set a timer as suggested in the instructions, usually 25 minutes for permanent color according to Leave color in place longer if you have stubborn grays to turn black.

Step 6

Rinse your hair until the water runs clear, then apply a deep conditioner. Leave the conditioner on your hair for three to five minutes and rinse out. Dry your hair to check the final color.



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