Night Cough in Children


A child’s cough, much like an adult’s, is his body’s way of trying to get rid of an irritant in his throat or bronchial passage. Night coughing in children can be frustrating for both the parent and child, as it can interfere with a good night’s rest. Luckily, night coughing is usually not indicative of a serious health condition, according to KidsHealth.


Coughs can be caused by viruses, such as the common cold or croup; allergies, asthma and bacterial infections.

Worse at Night

A child’s cough may be worse at night because the child is prone, which makes mucus run down her throat and also makes it more difficult to breathe. Dry air at night can also contribute to increased coughing, and the airways are sometimes more sensitive to irritants at night, according to KidsHealth.


See a doctor as soon as possible if your child is coughing persistently and is also wheezing when he breathes. In addition, any cough in an infant is cause for an immediate visit to the doctor’s office.


Elevate your child’s head at night to prevent mucus from draining down her throat. Running a humidifier will add moisture to the air and help soothe dry coughs. Honey is a natural and effective cough suppressant, according to, but do not give honey to children younger than a year old. Give your child 2 tsp of a dark honey before she goes to bed.


Cold and cough medicines are not recommended for use in children ages 4 and under, according to There is a potential for serious side effects in children of this age. Home remedies work just as well at suppressing coughs and are much less risky.



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