How to Stop Nail Biting

If your child has developed the nasty habit of nail biting, it might be time to intervene. You can teach him to stop this habit. If you also have possess this habit, you might want to join your child in stopping. You can serve as examples and reminders for each other as you stop your nail biting habits.

Step 1

Teach your child, and yourself, about the science behind your nails. Explain the purpose of the nails so your child may begin to understand why he should not bite his nails.

Step 2

Paint on the special nail-biting polish to remind your child and yourself not to bite the nails.

Step 3

Purchase a special manicure set for yourself and your child. Show your child how to care for her nails, keeping them short and well-designed.

Step 4

Keep a piece of paper with you and give each child a piece of paper. Jot down a tally mark each time you bite your nails. Compare your lists each day. Don’t get upset with your child if his number seems too large. Stress can be a cause, and your anger may upset him more. Celebrate as the number goes down each day.



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