Do You Believe In The Power of Self-Healing?


This may sound a little out there, but I believe that we have more healing power within us than most of us are in touch with.  It takes a lot of inner trust to let yourself go there, both mentally and physically.  If you can let go of mental barriers, and really, truly, subscribe to the notion that anything is possible, you never know where it might take you.

The sky is the limit, or is it?! ?

Once you get past feelings such as silliness or awkwardness towards self-healing powers, you might find yourself in the why not? realm.  Think about how much is unknown.  How much lies undiscovered. The amount we know, even as an entire collective, is very small compared to the vast amount we do not know.  For example – negative energy.  Scientists know there is a force unaccounted for out there, but we really don’t know how to come to terms with it.

What if, in believing, you could play a role in healing yourself you actually can?  Is it worth a try?  To me, the resounding answer is YES!  At the very least it can’t hurt, and I think you’ll find it helps.  More and more doctors are beginning to appreciate interactive medicine, including practices such as meditation and yoga.

Meditation is a great time to work on self healing.  The silence and stillness can rejuvenate you mentally, so why not physically?  After all, our mental and physical states are powerfully linked.

Try this healing meditative exercise If You Dare!

Laser Meditation

Start the meditation by focusing on your breath.  Let your thoughts dissipate and feel the warmth of inner-stillness and peace.

Picture a laser light scanning slowly up and down your body, killing off the unhealthy cells and rejuvenating all that is healthy and harmonious.

If you are experiencing problems in certain areas of your body allow the light to stop and identify those areas with prolonged illumination.  Let the laser light up the problem area so brightly that it is almost too bright to look at, like the sun.  Keep the light on those areas for as long as needed.  Then continue on with the scan.

Before opening your eyes picture all that is unhealthy being left behind, like a shedding of the skin.

Let yourself slowly awaken feeling lighter, younger, and rejuvenated.

Go back into your day with Love ?



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