Cooking Secrets from Chef Curtis Stone

We will be working with Chef Curtis Stone on Friday, March 2nd on behalf of Post Cereal’s Great Grains, and wanted to see if you would be interested in speaking with him.  We have time between 1:45-2:15pm EST on Friday, March 2nd.  Please let me know your thoughts. Some further details:

He will be able to discuss easy ways to ‘keeping it whole’ by incorporating more whole foods into your diet for better nutrition.  He will also be able to discuss examples of types of meals that he recommends, as well as the points outlined below.  Since we are working with him on behalf of Post, we would need him to mention Post Great Grains as an ingredient in the Pecan Nut Bar (below), but of course we have other dishes that we can share for you to post/link to (on the Post Facebook page), etc. to encourage your readers to try out.

Some of the dishes he can discuss include:

•         Curtis encourages adding different colored vegetables to dishes for visual appeal and added nutrition.  To highlight this tip, he will be able to talk through his Arugula salad with pomegranate, persimmon, and toasted hazelnuts recipe
•         Got a sweet tooth?  Curtis incorporates Post Great Grains into his favorite baked goods for added whole grain goodness.  He will be able to discuss how he makes Pecan Nut Bars – He will also add that all of his Post Great Grains recipes are on their Facebook page (plus we can share all these recipes for your show’s website)
•         Curtis’ philosophy is to cook with naturally produced ingredients just as Mother Nature intended. If you get your hands on good ingredients you don’t need to do much at all.  As his final recipe, he would be able to discuss how to make hisBrazilian-Style Chicken with Okra which is a great family dish for sharing around the table.



1)      What is the best way to stave off hunger in between meals?
a.       Start your day with a balanced breakfast that includes protein, perhaps some fruit or fruit juice and whole grains, such as a wholesome cereal like Post Great Grains. The hearty grains and the protein will satiate you throughout the morning so you won’t reach for any treats before your lunch break!

2)      If we just HAVE to have a snack between breakfast and lunch, or lunch and dinner, what would be a good option?
a.       When snacking between meals, you want to make sure that it is not only satisfying but also nutritious, in order to avoid over snacking, or “empty snacking.” A great option is low fat or fat free yogurt with some berries and cereal sprinkled on top – a touch of sweetness with a great source of protein and calcium. Hummus and veggie sticks are delicious as well, or pumpkin seeds are a quick and easy option that will take the edge off until you can break for your next meal.

3)      Do you have any tips for getting kids to eat more wholesome foods?
a.       A great way to get kids to eat more nutritious, wholesome foods is to get them involved in the shopping. Make a game out of it – give them a different color each week and ask them to find a new fruit and vegetable that represents that color that can be part of meals for the week. Then work together to find creative ways to use those ingredients within traditional family favorites, or, create some new favorites!
b.      A great way to incorporate more whole grains into your family’s diet is to start the day with a nutritious breakfast – whole grain cereal with fruit, yogurt with cereal sprinkles, or some scrambled eggs with a small bowl of cereal on the side is an awesome way to get the family fueled for a successful, productive day!

4)      If we have a sweet tooth, what is the best way to satisfy the cravings without totally veering off course with the diet?
a.       My motto is everything in moderation, and you will be fine.  If you are baking from scratch, add Great Grains cereal into the crusts or as toppings for your favorite baked goods to add a wholesome, nutritious punch.  Check out some mouth-watering recipes on our Facebook page

5)      How do you make sure that you and your family are staying healthy?
a.       My philosophy is to cook with naturally produced ingredients just as Mother Nature intended. If you get your hands on good ingredients you don’t need to do much at all.

6)      Is there one ingredient that you feel is the hottest new item on the scene? A fruit or vegetable that is packing a big nutritious punch that isn’t well known that everyone should try?
a.       It really depends on the time of year. Asparagus is really good for you – full of vitamin C, low in sodium and low in cholesterol.  It’s just coming into season, and can be served in salads, or as a side dish.



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