Why Pink And I Would Have A “F*%^king Perfect” Friendship!


I know I shouldn’t be writing about this, being that she’s a pretty public figure and all, but you know that feeling you get when you’ve left dinner, lunch, a party with friends, dear friends that you just love and you’re all giddy inside because they just lit up your soul? Well, that’s how I’m feeling after my lunch with Pink, yes THAT Pink, well really Alecia to me.  We’ve been friends for years, but ever since I’ve had children and her career skyrocketed we’ve just have had no time to get to together. E-mail updates, a quick lunch here and there, phone calls yes, but no real best friend time, and it was about time it happened.

Alecia/Pink is one of those friends, where it really doesn’t matter the time that comes between, you’ll always have that bond, and you’ll pick up exactly where you left off.  That’s Alecia, well Pink to the masses and me! We talked for hours, caught up on each other’s lives and reminisced about the good ‘ole funnel drinking, downing car-bombs, club hopping (we’re more into bars, but sometimes we had to just shake our asses), causing-a-ruckus days.

POP! There goes the bubble, well actually the car horn. I was stopped at a light, apparently you’re supposed to drive when it turns green. I was so immersed in Pink’s “F#%king Perfect” song, I wasn’t paying attention. Then I started day-dreaming about Pink and I shopping, having a beer, commiserating about baby poop and sleep deprivation.  I came to the conclusion that if Pink and I ever met, we’d be kindred spirits, the best of best friends like Anne of Green Gables and Diana Barry. I honestly think we’d be friends, best friends.

From “Please Don’t Leave Me” to “My Vietnam” to “Sober” to “Split Personality” to “Just Like a Pill” to “Hiccup” to “Dear Mr. President” to “Conversations with My 13 Year Old Self” to “So What” to “Trouble” to “Glitter in the Air” to “You Make Sick” to “Dear Diary” to “Raise Your Glass”… and the list goes on. Her songs speak to me, have brought me to tears, they make me giggle, empower me, helped me through some dark days. I have “Cuz I Can” on a constant loop on my iPod; “Stupid Girls,” “Don’t Let Me Get Me,” “Get This Party Started,” and “Misunderstood” sailed me through four half marathons;  “Family Portrait” helped me deal with my own family and “F#%king Perfect,” well do I really need to explain this one?

Through the years, I have found it eerie how many of Pink’s songs have correlated with what was going-on in my life.  I feel like as Pink evolved, I evolved. Maybe it’s because we’re both Virgos? Who knows. But whatever it is, I’ve connected to her music, and in her interviews, I have found her to be honest, as well as someone who never conformed to the masses and never pretended to be something she’s not. She’s an independent, dedicated powerful good ‘ole girl. A great role-model. I want to be just like Pink, or at least her best friend.

My girl-crush on Pink is not really me, I’m not a celebrity chaser, and I could care less about who’s wearing what and who’s doing whom but ever since Pink emerged on the scene in 2000, I was enthralled. Here was this girl with an amazing voice, and so opposite of what was on the Pop scene. I was hooked, and I continued to be hooked.  I’m not a weird stalker super fan, really I’m not.  I haven’t found her on Facebook, I never been to a concert (shame on me, but I bet if I was her best friend, she’d sing for me all the time). I did “follow”  her on Twitter and I’ve even responded to some tweets in the hopes that I’d get a reply or a follow (c’mon follow me, I’m the Unnatural Mother, we’d share some laughs over spit-up and breast feeding).  And now that she’s a mommy, I actually cannot wait to hear her tracks about mommyhood, cause if anyone is going to tell the truth about being a mommy, Pink is.  I’m sure I’ll be blown away. 

So, after lunch I gave Pink the cutest gift for Willow Sage. We made promises of doing it again, sooner than later, we promised to get the families together, since Corey and Rich haven’t had a chance to really bond yet, we promised to have the girls night out that was long overdue, we hugged like friends do and went on our merry ways. 

I’ll be waiting for the phone call.



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