My Holiday Gift List


What’s on your holiday shopping list? Here’s mine:

1. IntiMint – All my girlfriends are of course getting pieces from my IntiMint Lingerie Collection. Everyone deserves to feel beautiful all year long and my Intimint pieces (like this cozy hooded robe) help do just that. One of my fav pieces are the menswear-inspired PJ set (for ladies) – it’s conservative enough for any woman, but still beautiful, luxurious and sexy!

2. Best Girlfriend Gift – Kai Gift box- This is my absolute favorite scent.  Each set is packed full of lotions, body wash, candles and more of the company’s most popular products. It is the ultimate, feminine sexy scent.

3. Shaya – Thanks to a morning news segment dedicated to toys of the day, I discovered the Dark Knight Rises U Command Batpod. He loves Batman, so the Batpod is the perfect gift for my Batman-loving boy. It has light-up wheels and a remote control.

4. My 12-year-old Neriah – Erin Condren Daily Planner. I am obsessed with organization, so naturally I am a huge fan of daily planners. Being organized shouldn’t be stressful – it can be stylish and fun! Erin Condren Planners are beautifully designed and personalized  and make great gifts for anyone from your 12-year-old to your favorite co-worker.

5. Rain – One of my favorite toy ideas for kids under four is the Smart Gear Balance Bike. It is a wooden bike with no pedals that helps teach children the balance you need to ride a real bike. I ordered it for my five-year-old who was too big for the bike. But it was perfect for Shaya!

6. Hip gift with the right price – Skechers Soaring Eagle Ankle Boot. I know when you think Skechers, you immediately think: sneakers. But if you think that is all they have to offer, you are missing out! These ankle boots are gorgeous and take me back to my AZ days.  I love the hidden wedge heel and I also am rocking the high heel sneaker high tops in yellow and black.  All my nieces are getting funky Skechers too.

7. Camera – Pictures are incredibly important to me; saving memories to be able to share and re-live in the future. I hope to spread my passion for taking pictures with my two oldest girls this year. The Sony DSCW690 takes beautiful 16.1 MP pictures and comes with a trendy Taylor Swift carrying case. Perfect gift for teens.

8. Blurb books – my favorite most sentimental gift of the year. Blurb books are extremely thoughtful, timeless and a lifetime keepsake. I had a lot of time on my hands this winter, so I was able to spend a good amount of time organizing thousands of pictures from over the years into a beautiful book of memories. Best family gift for grandma and grandpa or co-workers and friends.

(Glam Squad Blurb Book)

My favorite new passion is painting.  I spent an afternoon at the art store buying all my supplies and large canvases for each of my children so we can have some one on one time creating some original gifts.  I’m sure I’ll be keeping their priceless pieces of art.

My favorite gift that I received this year was a gift card to Williams-Sonoma. I love to cook ad create original recipes. Seasonal decorating makes my kitchen beautiful and WS has all the right accessories.  I walked into the store with my gift card, and out with a bag of newly discovered ingredients and supplies.

One of my favorite discoveries – Wild Hibiscus Flowers in Syrup. Just spoon one of these gorgeous flowers into the bottom of a champagne glass and for a quick, elegant garnish.

Happy Holidays!



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