How to Make Your Hair Color Stay Longer


The costs of maintaining your dyed hair — whether you do it at home or in the salon — can quickly add up. You’ll save money by dying your hair less frequently, of course, but if your color fades quickly, your only choice is to hit the bottle again. By taking some precautions and following the directions of your stylist, you can increase the length of time your hair color will last.

Condition Before Dying

Use a deep conditioner on your hair two days before you dye it. This helps your hair take the color better, according to

Use a Special Shampoo

Shampoo with a brand that’s specially formulated for dyed hair. Some shampoos are made for dyed hair in general, while others focus on a specific hair color. These shampoos are a bit more expensive, but worth it in the long run.

Sun Protection

Wear a hat when you go outdoors. The sun can alter the color of your hair, typically by lightening the dye. A sun hat with a wide brim protects your locks.

Test Water

Test your water for mineral deposits. Some areas have water that is high in natural chemicals and minerals, which can wreak havoc on your dyed hair. If this is true for your home, installing a water filter at the shower head could make your color last longer.



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