Recipe For a Girl’s Night Out


Every time I make advanced plans with a friend it inevitably falls through. You’d think that as busy moms the only way a girl’s night would actually happen is with detailed, strategic planning.

But babysitters cancel, fevers pop up, or work goes longer than expected. I need my girl’s night. Not every week but often enough to remember that I have a life. In order to actualize this social event, you need these three winning elements:

Last minute plans
If it looks like the kids will be in bed early and my house is somewhat presentable, I’ll start making phone calls about an hour before my desired cocktail time to see which girlfriend can sneak away for an hour or two.  Most moms can gage exactly what will be happening in sixty minutes and whether that will include a cocktail or another bedtime story.

The right friend
I love all of my girlfriends equally but only a select few can rally at a moment’s notice. These are women who are never too tired after a long day for some girl talk, and who aren’t afraid to step out in flip-flops and zero make-up. I have about five friends who make this list, most of them neighbors. I start with whomever couldn’t join me the last time and keep calling until someone says “yes.” The best is when they all do!

No hassle cocktails
Even a mixologist needs to hang up her martini shaker sometimes. For these occasions I like the new ready-to-serve cocktails. Bailey’s has been a favorite forever but on a recent impromptu gathering I served Qream, a creamy, peachy liqueur created by Diageo and Grammy Award-winning musician Pharrell Williams. Besides liking the fact that the Q stands for Queen and represents the royalty in us gals, I loved the ease of opening up the pretty bottle and serving. No chopping, muddling, or shaking required.

Make your girl’s nights as simple as possible. Your friends won’t mind stepping over the Lego piles and will happily ignore your heaping laundry pile to spend a little quality time with you. The Queen in us deserves it.




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