Beyond Couponing: How to Save Money Without a Purchase


Coupon clipping shaves a portion of each grocery bill. Unfortunately, most coupon clippers never experience the high level of savings so often romanticized on extreme coupon clipping shows.

So, what’s the better option? Save money without even making a purchase. Here’s how:

Enter Online Sweepstakes

Many people avoid entering sweepstakes based on an assumption that the chances of winning are slim. Well, your chances of an online sweepstakes win may be better than you assume. You can enter daily sweepstakes in a matter of seconds and may just be rewarded with a big win. The best part? There’s no risk involved with entering most online sweepstakes, just the possibility of making real money.

Recreate Your Leftovers

Food is likely spoiling in your fridge as you read this article. From last night’s chicken to leftover rice, each meal you throw away is as cost-effective as throwing money out the window. Get creative by finding ways to transform leftover food into delicious weeknight meals. Many free food blogs aimed at this topic are great resources for finding free, high-quality recipes.


Recycling is good for the environment and your pocketbook. Start by asking your waste management provider about any garbage bill discounts currently being offered for recycling. Next, sort out any bottles and aluminum cans that can be traded in for cash. While each instance of saving by recycling may be minimal, the total amount can quickly accumulate.

Sell Your Old Stuff

Look around your house. What portion of your belongings is actually being used? In most households, clothing, kitchen appliances and other items are kept around much longer than they are actually used. Selling all unused items is better than letting them clutter the household. Garage sales, online auction sites and consignment stores are all great options to make cash for your old stuff.

Take Surveys

You may not know it, but you hold a wealth of knowledge that retailers are just waiting to tap. Get paid for that knowledge by taking online surveys. From offering input on recent dining experiences to reviewing your favorite products, making money by taking surveys is easier than most people realize.

Use Free Trials

Need to use a software program for a short term project but can’t justify the cost? Inquire on the possibility of a free trial. Most software providers and online movie rental services offer free trials for their products in the hopes that consumers will become hooked and make the purchase after the trial ends. Credit card info is typically required for free trials so be sure to cancel your account before the trial period ends.

Build Cash Rewards

From birthdays to holidays, the cost of gifts derails most family budgets. Rather than putting your paycheck toward buying presents, use cash rewards to buy presents instead. Online cash rewards can easily be accumulated for your daily online activities to then buy awesome gifts for loved ones.

People spend far more money than necessary. Whether getting paid to take surveys or saving by recycling, you can live smarter by finding ways to save without spending a dime.

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