House Organization Ideas

Keeping an organized homestead presents a challenge for many constantly on-the-go moms. While it may seem that you don’t have time to organize, in truth, an organized home will, in the long run, save you time. By putting time into organizing your home, you can reduce the amount of time that you spend picking up or hunting for lost objects, making the effort you put into the task of organization well worth it.

Entryway Organization Tools

Don’t allow your entryway to becoming a dumping ground for coats, shoes and book bags. Instead, place tools in your entryway to keep these objects organized. Add an umbrella holder to your entry way so that guests and residents alike have a place to put their damp umbrellas. Hang coat hooks on the wall or invest in a coat tree to serve as an organized home for your family’s coats. Add a bench featuring cubbies to this space, giving your kids a place to put their book bags and tuck their shoes upon entering the house.

Electronics Organization

Instead of allowing your electronics cords to join together in the formation of an impossible-to-untangle ball, keep these electronic necessities in order. Bundle extra lengths of cord, and secure them with hook-and-loop cord wraps, keeping your entertainment system cords neat and tidy. Purchase a small ornament box, and use it as a storage place for all your not-currently-in-use cords, keeping them divided and making it easier to pull them out when you do need them.

Under Bed Storage

Don’t allow your valuable under-bed space to go to waste. Instead, invest in plastic totes specifically sized to slip under your bed. Use these totes as a place to tuck out of season clothing or extra blankets and linens.

Mail Center

Make dealing with your mail easier by creating a mail center. Purchase several letter holders and dedicate some counter or desk space to the creation of this center. Label your letter holders “In,” “Out” and “To Be Paid.” As you bring mail into the house, place it in the “In” holder. As you come across bills that you will tend to later, place them in the “To Be Paid” holder. And as you prepare mail to go to the mailbox, place it in the “Out” holder. By establishing and using this mail system, you can avoid allowing your desk or counter to become cluttered with papers and increase the likelihood that you tend to your mail in a timely fashion.



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