How to Start Your Day in a Positive Frame of Mind


When you wake up in the morning do you roll out of bed groggy, tired and grumpy? Do you dread the sound of your alarm clock and wish you could go back to sleep? The first 5 minutes of the day are the most powerful. They set the tone for the entire day to come. Your mindset at the beginning of the day significantly influences the outcome of the day you create.

In this video I talk about a daily morning ritual that I personally do in order to align myself with my soul and better create the day that I want. The ritual not only uplifts me, it also opens my heart. Miracles occur when the heart is open. This video will show you how to start the day in a positive mindset so that you are open to love and infinite possibility.

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Let me know what rituals you practice to get yourself in a positive frame of mind? If you give this ritual a try, please share with me how it works for you. I love to hear from you!

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Wendy Irene



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