Family Jam Session


shayaLast night was an amazing night for our family. 

For me, there is nothing more valuable than seeing my kids in a creative space.  Music is something that we all love.     

David invited some friends over that he used to jam with.  They brought guitars, keyboards, and we brought our drums and bongos for the kids to explore.  Everyone contributed to a jam session, which was a collaboration of talent and creativity. 

I was stunned to listen to my girls play the keyboards and sing.  David was making up lyrics, and music was flowing from our cabana under the stars in our backyard. 

Everyone brought something different to the jam session, and it all came together in a harmonious way.  Music makes us happy.  The kids, even Shaya who was swaying to the rhythm, found confidence in their own talents.  Neriah wrote me a song called “Mommy Dearest”, and she performed another one that she wrote with her sisters, called “Butterfly”.  It was a magical evening.

rainI’ve been thinking about summer camp for the kids. Many kids I know are so scheduled all summer long.  I am really happy that I didn’t enroll my kids in a program this summer, because I have enjoyed spending time with them, and watching them spend time with each other.  There is so much to do at home and in our area, when they use their imagination.  I am trying to reinforce that.  I am trying to teach them to make something out of nothing.  I think camp programs can be great, but for us, we don’t get enough time together so I am taking advantage of this vacation to catch up on some good old simple family time.

My daughter often says to me, “I’m bored!” – that makes me so mad, and disappointed.  I heard a mother respond to her child the other day in a similar situation by saying, “Then you must be a really boring person.”  I thought a lot about that. I agree with her concept. I want to teach my children to find ways to entertain themselves.  I know they have more than many, I know they are blessed, so I have to teach them how to appreciate all that they have, and how to make the most of it.  It’s so easy for kids to get bored, need more STUFF to stimulate them, and not utilize what’s already there.  Last night was a perfect example of what imagination can create. It was one of our most harmonious evenings.  One of the best nights of our summer so far, and it was FREE!!! I am looking forward to many more nights like that.
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