‘Nothing Compares To Family’





Sketches Shoot


I had an amazing weekend with my family. We are finally in a place at home where we can enjoy the 2 years of hard work spent building our paradise.  Rain and I shared a beautiful 2 yr. old conversation about life and how blessed we are.  I often wonder if my children will grow up to appreciate the things we have and understand what matters most in life.  For us, it is our family and time shared together.

I just saw the Skechers campaign in People magazine that the 6 of us shot together.  It’s called “Nothing Compares To Family” I could not agree more.  When we first got the offer to shoot for Skechers, Sierra, my 7 year old was totally against it.  She has a camera phobia and no interest to be in the public eye.  I try to empower her to make her own choices, and I fully supported her wishes in that situation to not participate.  I was sad to think we would have a family photo, which would be become a national campaign, and it would be missing one of my children.  I wondered how she would feel looking at it and if it would hurt to not be part of it.  I never force my children to do anything publicly, I include them and allow them to participate in many events that I feel are appropriate, but this one that she chose to pass on made me sad.

Sketches shoot


The day of the shoot, Sierra decided to join us, but was certain she would not participate. Since she was a child, she disliked having her picture taken.  She refused to take family photos for the holidays, her own birthday, and many other fun events.  I totally allowed her to feel comfortable and control her participation.  Once we were on set, she changed her mind and joined us.  I was shocked, it was a huge move for her, and I was so happy.

Looking at the ad now, it would not have been complete with out her.  I am so proud to see our family together and part of a meaningful campaign.  Skechers also made a charitable donation on our behalf to Cancer Research Institute.

I am fascinated by how different our children can be when we raise them the same way.  Looking back at Sierra’s childhood, I remember little things that must have affected her; being on the road with me while I was working on a show, and me telling her not to let strangers take her picture, all of us being harassed by paparazzi which many times was frightening.  All of the things that she has been exposed to have affected her decision making process.  When I finally embraced that, her fear and her reservations, she quickly came around.  I was so happy and relieved to see her overcome something that has saddened many events in her life.  I learned that love and patience does wonder with children.  



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