Baby & Toddler Modeling


From the moment she was born, your baby was the cutest ever, so you may think you want to capitalize on the cuteness by getting her into modeling. It’s not as easy as it might seem. Not only does your baby have to have the right look, she also has to have the right personality. If you are convinced that she’s ready for the photo shoot, try breaking into the business.

Baby Modeling Agents

A modeling agent can help you learn about possible modeling jobs. Look for an agent who specializes in child talent, rather than a general agent. Visit agent websites or give them a call to learn the agency’s application procedure. Typically, this involves filling out a form and sending a few pictures. Send the best shots that you have of your baby. Do not pay an upfront fee for representation; legitimate agents receive payment only when you work.

Baby Model Contests

Most major modeling jobs are in the big cities. If you live in a small town, you may still have a chance by entering your child into baby model contests. Look for contests associated with recognizable brands; smaller “contests” may be just a way to get your email address for marketing purposes.

Getting the Right Picture

When submitting pictures to agencies, be sure to include one that really captures your baby’s spirit. Avoid anything that looks posed. Work together with your baby’s daddy or a close friend, with one of you taking the picture and the other acting as the “baby wrangler,” who tries to make your baby smile with toys and funny noises.

Model Routine

If your baby is accepted by a modeling agency, you can expect the agency to send you on a “go-see” any time your baby fits the profile that a company is looking for. Essentially, this is an audition, in which the hiring company looks at baby or toddler models to find the right one for its brand. Bring along snacks and toys to keep your child occupied. If you get the job, you’ll have to bring him to the location at the specified time. Expect the photo shoot to last just a few hours, because the company has to comply with child labor laws, which usually forbid working longer than three hours.

Modeling Scams

Many unscrupulous companies prey on the dreams of hopeful parents. No legitimate company will ask for money up front. Additionally, you should not have to pay for a photo shoot from one particular company. If the agency asks you to buy a pricey portfolio package, there’s a good chance that it really makes money from the photography packages rather than its models’ jobs.



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