Manic Mommies


We’re all the same boat. Back-to-school chaos can stress any mommy out. The only way I can manage my kids is if I’m a super-organized mom!

Here are some of ways I balance all the stress:

  • Order school supplies online! No driving, no dealing with crowds of other manic mommies. And you save money, because if you take your kids into Staples with a supply list, it turns into “Mommy, can I have this? Mom, I need this!” and you end up coming out with twice as much as they need.


  • For schools that have uniforms – if you need white collared shirts or khakis, skip the specialty shops and hit Gap and Old Navy. You can get the basics for a quarter of the price of specialty stores!


  • Get into a back-to-school sleep routine. I start getting my kids into bed at age-appropriate hours at least a week before school starts. Trust me, there’s nothing worse than trying to get sleep-deprived, grumpy children ( x 4) to school on time!


  • I used to be my kids alarm clock, but I finally got smart and bought them each their own. Now my kids have alarm clocks in their rooms which helps them learn to be responsible for getting themselves up in the morning (although I still like to stop in their rooms for morning hugs!)


  • This one is a huge timesaver during the school year – I set my kitchen table for breakfast before I go to bed. Cereal boxes get put out, the table is set. Sometimes I ask my kids what they want for breakfast the night before, because sleepy decisions can take way too long.


  • At my house, we have a healthy snack drawer. I used it to teach and encourage my children to participate in packing their own lunch. They’re able to pick from the drawer, which helps me out and gives them a sense of responsibility. What’s in my drawer? Packs of almonds, protein bars, seaweed, fruit gummies, trail mix.


  • Make a weekly calendar! It’s the best way to make sure that no classes, no meetings, no homework due dates are missed. I use one of our weekly tear-away calendar pad because it’s really big and I can put everything on it for that week, and then just throw it away.  Every Sunday night, I sit down and write out all the stuff that the kids and I have that week. That way they know what I’m doing, and what they’re doing. And if you’re a working mom, babysitters or household help can refer to it. No classes, no meetings, no homework due dates are missed.


I’d love to hear what you do to manage the back-to-school chaos! What are your tips and tricks?

Bonus tip – The Homework Box idea that I wrote about last summer worked great for me, when my kids struggle to stay focused!



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