After Pregnancy Body Shapers


Pregnancy changes you, and not just in emotional ways. While some women’s bodies bounce back easily, most women find that even if the pounds come off, their shape has changed. Body shapers can help you make the most of your post-baby body, whether you’re newly postpartum and working to lose those pregnancy pounds or simply dealing with the changes wrought by motherhood.


Post-pregnancy shapewear includes panties, longer shorts, jeans, leggings, tights, tanks and post-pregnancy support belts. These all provide built-in structure, control and support. Look for underbust styles or specialty tanks with nursing access, if you want a smooth line and breastfeeding access. Velcro post-pregnancy support belts are also available, but these are best left to those early days postpartum for comfort and support, rather than for shaping and style.


You may want additional abdominal and back support after pregnancy for comfort, especially if you’ve had a C-section. While shapewear provides substantial support, it may not be comfortable early postpartum. Velcro belly bands provide support and may make you more comfortable as you heal. Use a postpartum support girdle or band from a few days postpartum through the first four to eight weeks.


Modern body shapers are not the same as your grandmother’s girdles. Breathable stretch fabrics, stylish shapes and a wide range of sizes make shapewear flattering, comfortable and easy to wear. Opt for light control for everyday wear to smooth out postpartum lumps and bumps. Use heavy-duty shapewear for special occasions or to fit into that dress before all the pregnancy pounds are gone.


Shapewear sizing is typically based on both height and weight, so step on the scale before you go shapewear shopping. No one wants to know how many pounds are left to lose, but shapewear that doesn’t fit won’t be flattering. While you can’t try on tights, take the time to try on other shapers before you buy. Be prepared to buy new pieces as you slim down, to maintain the right fit.

Feeling Your Best

Shapewear can help you look your best postpartum, but it can’t perform miracles. Invest in transitional clothing, along with shapewear, to see you through until your pre-pregnancy clothes fit again. You’ll feel better than if you’re wearing oversized maternity wear or trying to fit yourself and your waist shaper into those pre-pregnancy jeans.



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