To Each Her Own


Hello moms, this one is for you. I thought I would write about this because I see it all the time.

As a mom we are constantly given advice that we don’t ask for, right? The fact is that motherhood is so incredible and wonderful that we can’t help but dish out advice about what works best and we think that everyone should do it our way. Well I believe that we all have our own unique and special way of parenting and that it’s important to do what comes natural. Don’t get me wrong when we found out we were having twins I read everything that could get my hands on that would help me gear up for this ever changing journey called motherhood. But as the days got closer I realized that one can never really be ready and that while learning the basics is great, it really comes down to who you are and how you want to mother. It’s a beautiful experience for you and your child.

While none of our children are totally the same the same could be said for being a mother.

I know for my own personal journey having a boy and a girl twin I really wanted to create a sense of individualism. It’s important to me because I knew that there would already be such a strong bond between my kids I didn’t have to focus on building that it was already a given. For us I wanted to build up who they are as unique individuals so I have always been careful not to do too much of the same. The fact that they are not the same sex does make it easier for me not to fall into dressing them a like all the time and while I think it’s cute for a short time while they are small toddlers, I really think it’s important for them to begin to dress according to their personality’s (this again is just my opinion) Don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t mean that I don’t try to coordinate the colors once and a while, I do and its sweet but here’s the thing if my son wants to be bat man for Halloween I am not going to make my daughter be bat girl or persuade her to be a female super hero. I ask her “what would you like to be honey” and there it is!

I love to empower my kids to be their own person. Yes they are twins and they have an amazing and beautiful bond but they are always strong individuals and I want them each to have a sense of self confidence, not raise them to be totally co-dependent on each other but to be strong and still enjoy their amazing bond. Watching the Kardashians it’s so funny to see them all have the same letter in their name. Again I think it’s a personal thing. I wouldn’t do it but they love it and GOOD FOR THEM

I think you should be who you are and there really is no wrong or right way there is just your way. Just because I do it differently doesn’t mean my way is best it’s simply just my way.

The same can be said for activity’s and schools that we put our kids into. It’s about understanding your kids what’s truly best for them and how you and your husband decide you want to guide them. I would encourage young mothers to do what they feel is right for them don’t get sucked into doing what everyone else does for the wrong reason’s be the best mom you can be and be proud of that! As mom’s we will always make mistakes and if you have great advice that you can provide a new mother go for it but ultimately it is up to them to decide and I love the idea that instead of judging them we can just say “hey to each her own” we all know that motherhood is the best job while at the same time one of the most difficult jobs.

So to all you mom’s out there keep following your instinct. I believe that they can serve you well, and pat yourself on the back regularly, you have earned it!



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