All About The 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics


Now that football season is over, I’m so excited for the Winter Olympics! I’ve been watching all the athletes this week on the Today
Show in their super cute Olympic gear – and I thought I would give all you ModernMoms a reason to get excited with me!

The Olympic Games are a great thing for the whole family to watch together. My son loves Shaun White (including his cool boy’s clothing line at Target), so he’s excited for that. I can’t wait to see the ice skaters and my husband is looking forward to USA Hockey! 

There really is something for everyone: bobsledding, alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, luge, short-track speed skating, snowboarding, ski jumping, curling and a biathlon. Pick your favorites or watch them all!

Here are some things to know for the big kickoff:

Ice Dancing

Couples Ice Show Down – Once
again on the ice we get to watch America vs. Canada compete. For the US, Meryl
Davis and Charlie White are two-time world champs on the ice dancing together.
This is like Dancing With the Stars on Ice!!! A must watch!


I am also excited for Olympic women’s and men’s curling
matches. I think the kids will like this one. Curling works when four players deliver
two stones toward the target area on the ice. A team scores for each stone
located inside or touching the house that is closer to the center then any of
their opponents. It kind of sounds like horseshoes, or cornhole on ice!   

Ski Events

Skiing will be
so much fun as always to watch this year. I hope my boys don’t get any ideas
watching the skeleton skiing. This is where a person lies on a small sled face-down going very fast! It looks cool and scary at the same time. Snowboarding
star Shaun White announced this week that he is not going to compete in the
slopestyle. White is trying to become the first American man to win an event in
three consecutive Winter Olympics. He is going to give it all in the half pipe
games for Team USA this Olympic season. I can’t wait to watch!  

Without Lindsey Vonn to watch this year, who
can we look to take her place? Ski fans are saying that Ted Ligety is proven
himself in his recent resume taking triple gold in the 2013 World Championships
in Austria to look out for! At 36, Bo Miller is also on the slopes for Team


Russia is
going to compete hard to win this year’s Gold with six time NHL Star Alex
Ovechkin leading Team Russia. Canada took gold in the last Winter Games. So
where does this lead US? Team USA women’s team has a chance to finally take
gold this year. And even though NHL is different sport then Hockey playing in
the Olympic Games USA still has a chance, and will be very exciting to watch.


I know it
is not a game in the Olympics, but it is something we will all be noticing
right? After Ralph Lauren launched their Opening Ceremonies for Team USA,
people were talking about the festive gear. I kind of think it is cool and very
Sochi/ Russia looking. I love the hats and the sweaters.

Are you ready for the Winter Olympics? What are you excited
for this Olympic Season?



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