Best Fire Retardant Products For Baby Bedrooms


Flame retardant products cannot prevent fires but they can work as a front line of defense. Fire retardants act to slow down or stop a fire from spreading. Plastics, woods, and fabric made with fire retardant materials resist flames. Additionally, spray on fire retardants externally coat or internally absorb into products. As spray on retardants differ, consult the individual bottles for application details and specifications. When fire strikes at home, flame retardant products offer a few priceless minutes for safe evacuation.

Invest in fire retardant furnishings and accessories in your child’s nursery to save your child’s life:

Bedding – In a baby’s bedroom, the bedding must contain fire retardant materials. In addition to the bed frame, remember to purchase a fire retardant mattress, mattress pad, sheets, and comforters. If fire strikes in the middle of the night, a family must ensure the safety of their sleeping child. Ensure your child wears flame resistant clothing to bed. Snug fitting pyjamas protect your child’s sensitive skin at night or during daytime naps.

Window & Wall Coverings – Choose fire retardant window coverings, blinds, and paint. Fire quickly engulfs flammable fabric and paint. Whether the fire attacks from inside or outside the home, fire retardant window furnishings and fire retardant wall, ceiling, and furniture paint surround the nursery with a layer of protection for your child.

Carpets – Carpets, carpet pads, and flooring must be made of fire retardant fibres or wood. Fire attacks flammable wood and carpeting. Provide an additional layer of protection by installing fire retardant flooring materials to ensure safety when running into the nursery to rescue your child.

Furniture – To prevent the rapid spread of fire in the child’s room, ensure all nursery items contain fire retardant materials. Nursery products that should be fire retardant include bassinets, changing tables, rocking chairs, and storage dressers. For added protection when traveling with your child, purchase fire retardant infant carriers, car seats, and strollers.

General – While fire retardant products provide a layer of protection to your child’s room, prevention remains the surest way to combat fire. Avoid open flamed candles and cigarette smoking in the home. Remain in the kitchen when cooking food. Inspect and repair faulty wiring. Clear the dryer vent regularly.

Practice fire safety, and make a plan to evacuate. Install working smoke detectors on every floor at minimum, and test the batteries at least twice a year. Store a ladder on the second floor to escape quickly. Apply stickers to windows notifying emergency personnel to a child’s presence in the bedroom. Fire retardant products protect your loved ones and remain the number one investment in a child’s nursery.

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