Football Wives Dish on Super Bowl Party Planning


Super Bowl Sunday is right around the corner, ladies! If you’re throwing a big football watching party at your house, don’t stress. Who better to give you advice for game day than some actual football wives? They ALL have experience wrangling the kids (and adults) during the game. Here are some tips from Rebecca Feely, wife of Arizona Cardinals Placekicker Jay Feely, Sherice Brown, wife of former Oakland Raider Tim Brown, and Ericka Lassiter, wife of former NFL safety Kwamie Lassiter:

ModernMom: What’s your best advice for planning a ‘no sweat’ easy and fun Super Bowl party?

Rebecca: "My best advice is to plan ahead. I have four small children, and life gets crazy fast. I know how hard it is to plan a big event. Make a list. There are a number of great resources online to help you plan the invitations, overall theme and decorating ideas. About a week out from the party, get the menu ready and prepare your house. I like to rearrange the furniture to make it comfortable on the guests. The focus of the day is the game, enjoying it with your company and watching the commercials. You want it to be as little stress as possible."

MM: What are your favorite game day, please-all recipes?

Sherice: "I’d have to say brisket sliders. They are so amazing and delicious, and you can make them ahead of time. I also would recommend chicken salad on croissant sandwiches. These are easy finger foods that you can pass around and are fun to eat. Vegetable trays and cheese trays you can get from warehouse clubs like Sam’s Club work great, too."

MM: We have to ask – how stressful is it to watch your husband play football? Are you worried he will get hurt (or lose!)?

Ericka: "Of course! Each play, each hit. He’s actually one of the tacklers, and he puts on some strong hits sometimes. We’re always stressed out, but we say a prayer. He’s doing something he loves, and we just want him to be safe at the same time."

MM: On the flip side, what’s the best part about having a husband in the NFL?

Sherice: "It has been a blessing to me. My husband has been such an inspiration and team captain on and off the field. He truly has represented himself so well, and it’s been a great experience for me to have such a wonderful husband."

MM: Do your kids get bored watching a long football game? What is your best advice to keep them entertained?

Rebecca: "Maybe if their Daddy was playing in the game this year, I could get them to sit still for five minutes! Sometimes I’ll put on something fun in another room for them to watch. Keeps them active and out of everybody’s way."

MM: What are your best football party kid- and adult-friendly games? Do you place friendly bets on the game with your friends and family?

Ericka: "We play fun little games. Who will score the first touchdown? Who will win the coin toss? Stuff like that!"

MM: Many Moms feel obligated to serve people and ‘play hostess’ during a party. If we actually want to watch the game (and the commercials and halftime), what do you recommend?

Ericka: "You’ve got to plan ahead and think clean up. For something like this, I like to go with paper products. Make it easy, so you can get back over there and be with your guests. They’re here not only to enjoy the game, but also to be with you!"



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