7 Voluptuous Celebs Who Love to Flaunt Their Curves


Curvy celebs are helping to change current beauty ideals in Hollywood and in society. We love to see these women confidently flaunting their lady lumps in movies, on TV, in magazines and on red carpets. These women prove to us that celebs are real women and real women have curves. The common thread among these women is their unstoppable confidence. That’s the key to rocking these kinds of curves! Here are 8 gorgeous celebs that prove that curvy is always in style.

1. Christina Hendricks

America’s gone mad for voluptuous "Mad Men" actress Christina Hendricks. She was named Sexiest Woman Alive by Esquire, proving sexy comes in all sizes. At 5’8" and at a size 14, Christina has admitted that she has struggled to find designer clothes that fit her frame. Well, we think this full-figured red-head looks good in anything she puts on!

2. Toccara Jones

Everyone adored bubbly, plus-size model Toccara Jones on "Amerca’s Next Top Model." Toccara has had a love-hate relationship with her weight. But, what real woman hasn’t? While competing on the reality show "Celebrity Fit Club," Toccara dropped 32 pounds. Now, she is an example that you don’t have to be stick-thin to be fit and fabulous.


3. Mia Tyler

Daughter of Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler and successful model Mia Tyler started her own plus-size clothing line in 2009 called Revolution 1228. The revolution comes in the shape of cool, trendy and affordable fashions for women of all sizes. "Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, and packages," Mia Tyler says on Revolution 1228’s website. "Including ME!"

4. Sofia Vergara

Colombian actress Sofia Vergara is hands-down one of the most gorgeous women of our time. Both men and women agree. Did you see her tight plunging Roberto Cavalli dress at the Screen Actors Guild Awards on Sunday? Sofia is proud to show off her ultra-womanly curves and is making no apologies for it! “I believe in everything in moderation,” Sofia says about keeping up her figure. “I try to eat healthy during the week, but during the weekend I would eat the things that I like: my desserts, my pizza, my pasta.” She adds: “If you like to eat, eat!”

5. Queen Latifa

As a Grammy award-winning singer and Golden-Globe winning musician, Queen Latifa proves that women can do it all – and at any size! I just had to grow to love my body," she said in 2002, according to People. "I’m either going to love me or hate me. And I chose to love myself." We love you too, Queen Latifa! The New Jersey native is also a spokeswoman for Covergirl cosmetics.

6. Kate Winslet

From "Titanic" to "The Reader", Kate Winslet is one of the most successful and esteemed actresses of our time. The mom of two has never been ashamed of her plump body, often boldly showing off her figure for the world to see. But Kate’s best feature has got to be confidence!

7. Beyonce

Bootylicious. Beyonce not only invented the word, but embodies it. She is a woman of many talents – singing, acting and designing. She accepts her bodacious bod from head to toe, wearing curve-hugging outfits on and off the stage. The Grammy-award winner can do no wrong in our eyes!



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