Easter Preschool Art Projects


Spring’s arrival and the upcoming Easter holiday means tons of excitement for preschoolers! So channel that energy and excitement into creative Easter art projects that will make for a fun and festive display at home or in the classroom.

Dyed Easter eggs typically come to mind, but that’s not the only craft project you can do with your little ones. Here are several Easter arts and craft projects perfect for preschool-aged kids:

Egg Shell Art

The leftover egg shells from the colored Easter eggs stay out of the trash for this preschool art project. The small pieces of colored shell become the color on a collage. Let the preschool children apply a thin layer of glue to a piece of paper. They layer the shells onto the glue to create a design. They can make it resemble a specific object or create an abstract collage of color. Once the glue dries, paint over the egg shells with watercolor paint or a clear top coat for a lasting work or art.

Easter Hand Print Chicks

Using the hand prints and footprints of the preschool kids creates a personalized art piece while also capturing the child’s size at that point in time. For an Easter chick, paint the bottom of the child’s foot with yellow paint. Press it onto a piece of construction paper or card stock. Paint one hand at a time with additional yellow paint, and press one on either side of the foot to create the chick’s wings. The fingers should be spread apart to create the look of feathers. The kids add eyes, beaks and other features using paint, markers or other craft supplies.

Growing Grass

Growing grass combines science, art and the Easter holiday into one activity. A yogurt or butter container works well for the grass pot. Let the kids plant grass seeds several weeks before Easter. They can watch as the grass begins to peek through the soil and continues growing into tall grass. To add more of an Easter touch to the grass, provide the kids with bunny or Easter egg shapes. The kids decorate the shapes and glue them to craft sticks. The craft sticks are pressed into the soil.

Easter Egg Cutouts

A large piece of construction paper or card stock creates the base for this simple preschool craft. Provide a variety of craft supplies, such as stickers, markers, glue, glitter glue, construction paper and sequins. The kids use the supplies to decorate the egg cutouts to resemble Easter eggs. Glue a small amount of plastic Easter grass to the bottom of the eggs to make them look like they are resting in grass. Decorating both sides of the egg allows you to suspend them from the ceiling for a dual-sided decoration.

Happy crafting!



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