Valentine’s Day, the Single Way!


Valentine’s Day. Some couples–well, girls–look forward to it for months. The preparation, the gifts, the sweet little nothings that make the evening special…all that is great, but what if you don’t have a special someone to spend the special day with? Are you destined to waste the night away watching cheesy romantic comedies and stuffing your squirrel cheeks with See’s and Dreyer’s? Are you supposed to put on a happy face until you go to bed, when your big brown eyes will cry until your mascara reaches your chin?

The answer is a resounding N-O! Don’t let your singleness be an issue on Valentine’s Day. It’s easy to enjoy the day, even if you don’t have a husband or boyfriend. Here are some simple ways to do V-day…the single way!

All my single ladies!
Having a girls-only get-together on February 14th sounds…well, it sounds pretty stereotypical. But it can be totally fun! Step 1: Invite a few girls over, but don’t tell them you’re having an "anti-Valentine" party or anything like that–you don’t want to make it sound like you’re doing this because you have nothing better to do that night or that you’re depressed about the whole idea of V-day. Valentine’s Day can be really sensitive for some girls, especially if she has recently broken up with someone. Just say you’d like to have some ladies over to for a lovely evening of good food and lots of laughing.

Step 2: Eat. Order Chinese food or, even better, buy some ingredients so you and your girls can cook together! Because what’s better than one chef? Five chefs in the kitchen, all cooking up their fave dishes.

Step 3: Do something! If you feel like it, pop a movie in at some point. Chick flicks are nice, but if you want to avoid the sappiness that they usually display in full swing, try going down the comedy route. Another option is to try something new. How ’bout giving each other henna tattoos? Or making elaborate toenail designs with some varnish and toothpicks. Making creative cocktails (with little umbrellas, of course) is always fun, as is crafting your own personal stationery. Getting sweaty with some Zumba DVDs will have you and all your friends laughing so hard, your abs will hurt for a week!

Don’t join the pity party.
While this holiday can trigger memories of better times and feelings of longing to be with a certain someone, the key is NOT to let it turn into a day of wallowing in your sadness or regret. This day is for people who are in love to celebrate just that–not for single people to be depressed about being single. If you think that, you’ve totally missed the point.

Whatever you do, DO NOT look through pictures of old boyfriends, ex-husbands, or anything of the sort. This day was not meant to serve as a reminder of the pain you’ve been through in previous relationships. You are the determiner of your attitude, so surround yourself with happy things! If you’re prone to getting a little blue on February 14th, do everything you can to prevent it. Hang out with old friends who make you happy, go to an animal shelter and pet some puppies, babysit your adorable niece and nephew, or do something for yourself–go to a spin class, get a facial, or watch that episode of Modern Family you’ve been saving!

The best first date ever!
If you’re a single mama, get your kids in on the Valentine’s Day action. Despite anything you may have been through in a previous relationship, you should teach your children that this holiday is a day to celebrate love, not to be sad when you don’t have it in the form of a significant other. Help them make sweet, personalized valentines for their classmates, or prepare a fun themed dinner for them when they get back from school and practice. Heart-shaped pancakes, strawberry milk (for its pink color, of course!), and red velvet cake are all fun ideas to surprise your kids with.

Another fun idea is to take your child or children on a date. Dinner and a movie seems like an appropriate gesture for the most important people in your life, right? And of course, don’t forget the heart-shaped box of chocolates!

Remember what the day is about.
No matter where you are in life, it’s important to remember that Valentine’s Day is about celebrating love. Not just love for your husband or boyfriend, but love for your family, friends, kids, or whoever! If you are single, learn to appreciate the stage of life you’re in. There is no reason to feel down on Valentine’s Day (or any other day of the year) if you’re not ready to be in a romantic relationship or are not willing to handle the responsibility of the potential heartache that comes with every relationship. Being single usually does not last forever and there are many wonderful things that come out of it, so try your hardest to benefit from these times. Life always takes you where you’re meant to go, so take advantage of all the ways you’ll grow as a person during each phase of your life, including singleness.



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