Forget Illegal Internet Downloads – Here’s How To Rent Movies for FREE!


If you are one of the million plus people who canceled your Netflix subscription when they decided to charge more, I have a great way to get DVDs to watch for FREE!  Now this will require your town to have one thing….. a library.  

Our local library offers 2 week DVD rentals for free.  And before you tell me, “Yeah, but they are old movies,” I am here to say they have recent releases too!  

My library is part of a library collection, meaning that libraries within approximately a two hour drive share items with each other.  So when I go online to search for a movie, I have a large catalog to search from.  I request my DVD, choose which library I want it delivered to, and wait for an e-mail to let me know it is ready for me to pick up.  I currently have “Secretariat,” “Get Him to the Greek,” and “Fair Game” waitiing for me to pick them up.

Yes, I do have to spend a little money on gas to go get them, but it’s nothing compared to paying to rent them.  

So, time to think outside the box when it comes to saving money! Get creative and look for opportunities in unlikely places.  

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